Help!! Zebs with pink tummys

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Help!! Zebs with pink tummys

Post by jonnieboy »

Hi All
I have noticed from time to time my zebs have a pinkish tinge to their tummies/under bellies? :o :o

I have read that this is a sign of under feeding and I have also read it could be the food they eat or could it be the females when they are gravis? :book:

Can anyone shed some light on this

Many thanks Jonnieboy :)
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Re: Help!! Zebs with pink tummys

Post by Rob »

Hi Jonnie

First of all this may seem like a silly question, but what do you feed them? The younger of my zebras used to get a reddish tinge when I fed them tetra prima, purely due to the thin skin on their underside.

As for being gravid, I have not seen any change in colouration before.

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Re: Help!! Zebs with pink tummys

Post by John »

You would have to give more info or a pic to give a more adequate answer.

size of fish
feeding regime
strange behaviour of the fish

Otherwise you get wild guess answers which will not help.
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