Rainy season

Everything you ever wanted to say about "Zebra luvin", but didn't because you thought everyone would take the mickey! Plus general topics for discussion including everything from what you feed them to your personal experiences.

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Hi all. I've tried over and over again with the dry/rain season, tds changes, changes from ro water to tap water then back again, rearranged their tank multiple times, added powerheads for more current, raised/lowered temp etc etc and to no avail. I must have a stubborn bunch i tell ya! They're 3 males and 6 females, all adults. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that when i move house next week it will induce a spawn as i have been told by many that it may and has happened to them. If that works then i'll be definitely moving again shortly after! LOL. Cheers, Nick.
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I would just like to say that there is no written fact by fact way to breed l046s everybody has different successful ways to do it individual fish react in different ways with each other.

TwoTankAmin's info is good and near to the point as you can get and I know how hard it is to put every thing down on paper I have tried time after time and all gets confusing.

This is only my opinion.

2. ESTABLISH a furnished tank setup(DO NOT change it at all before or during breeding EVEN IF YOU GET THE URGE TO!)
3. ALLOW your fish a GOOD length of time to sort out pecking order(alpha male and so on)
4. GET TO KNOW your fish well look AND work out male and females (this helps when the courting starts it makes less confusing).
5. FULLY condition males and females PRIOR to breeding.
6. READ THE SIGNS of the fish READY to breed.
ONLY WHEN you have ACHIEVED ALL this then they are READY to give it a GO!
All this will not happen in 2 WEEKS more like MONTHS.

This is no way telling you how to breed your fish just a helpful guide line.

Hope it helps Jerry

Pic of my 2 foot breeding tank.
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I have had the fish 5 months now, its only in the last couple of months however that I've been gearing them round to breeding. My only concern is the lack of interest in permanent cave settling.
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Hey Jerry, that is a very simple set up with very little hiding space. How many fish do you have in there (m/f)?
Thanks for sharing.
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Hi Lifted193

In my setup I have 1 alpha male in right hand cave(breeding once a month aprox for past 5 months)and 1 alpha female middle right next to him and breeds with him.Then middle left is younger female also ready to breed and did with alpha male once only one fry survived was first spawn she has tried with alpha male lately but he don't want to know. The one on the left well don't do a lot sits in cave defends it blocks off attempts to spawn with younger female it must be a he! . :? (yet to be established).

So I have 2 males and 2 females all which have there own cave and pecking order.
Alpha male and alpha female ,young female ,older male .This has been like it for a long while they took up there caves almost at once.
I don't have a lot of hiding places as they don't need them.
There is no fighting only scuffle if they try to get in another cave by mistake and end up in there own place does not last long other than that when the alpha pair are breeding the younger female uses alpha females cave also sits on alpha males cave but alpha female takes up position when she is ready to spawn the alpha male resists her attempts then lets her in to spawn.
Now the older male does on occasions visit the pair when breeding don't know why maybe to sabotage the spawn who knows.

I have written this to show you the importance of getting to know your fish which could be impossible if more fish in colony but never the less good to know also helps to check health of the fish.
So to end up at last!
I do know my fish their ways and when they are ready to spawn I watch them all the time even now at this stage when doing so they hardly move from there positions as they are used to me watching them.

See how the lengthly writing goes on and on and on and on :D

Hope it helps Jerry
Caution is a most valuable asset in fish keeping, especially if you are the fish.
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Thanks Jerry!
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