Introducing new foods for zebbies

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Introducing new foods for zebbies

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Hi everyone just wanting some opinions on this topic. I have 4 zebras that are 1.5 yrs old and i have been feeding them spectrum grow, spectrum thera a+ and tetra granules since they were 2cm. I recently decided i had to change their diet more so i bought some hikari carnivore tablets and osi shrimp pallets. Anyways the first night i fed them the next morning the food was almost like untouched at all. So what would be the best way of introducing new food so they will take them?

Any tips and thoughts
would be appreciated

thank you
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Post by Lifted193 »

I also use Spectrum, Hakari & other foods...they eat it all. I would try mixing the foods together and feeding them that way so they at least get some of the old food with the new to try. I also soak my food with vitamins once a week. Maybe you can try soaking the new food.
Don't mean to boost but I can feed them anything and they will eat it. I am a big fan of feeding my fish different variety of food, that way they won't be picky eaters. This is my policy with all my fishes, fresh or salt water!
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When feeding new food it will almost take a bit longer than one feed to get them to take it say a few times or more.
I have found that when I put food in the tank not eaten by them before it actually scares them and they treat it as dirt and expel it away with their tails for the start,then get used to it in time and then start eating it.
I use Nutrafin Max (spirulina flakes) added in with a new or normal feed and this does induce a much better feed as it has garlic in it.
You need to feed a good % of vegies in their diet also like,crushed shelled peas,tetra pro veg,pleco tablets or wafers (crushed up if needs be) and so on here is plenty of ideas if you do a search for this on the site.This will help their digestive system and make them feed more.:wink:
Another thing you might try,if you miss a feed one night of the week,and feed food you know they like (in small amounts)with the new food the night after they may be more hungry and take the new type of food as well.
Once established they will tend to eat the new food more.

Hope this helps.

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