Adding New Zebras-Oregon-USA

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Adding New Zebras-Oregon-USA

Post by reticulata »

I had eight zebras a year ago or so that were breeding. I lost two and they have not bred since. I have the six adults remaining in a planted
and graveled 55 at 84 degrees. Large chunk of bogwood, two sponge filters, one whisper, a water pump and lots of caves. I plan to purchase three more adults in the hope of getting them breeding again. My question is, if I add them to the existing mix will it create a problem? In the past I have moved things around in a tank to confuse the existing occupants into thinking they were in a new tank. I have the caves scattered throught out the tank rather than close together. Any thoughts on that? Thanks, Lary
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Post by jerry58 »

Hi reticulata
Sorry I can't answer your question as I have not got a biggish colony but at best I think you are only going to get an educated guess.
I would also think first they would need more info like how many males and females you have now,to establish the sex of the fish you are going to get and weather they need splitting up or not .
Will need to know sex of fish that have died to establish is this why they have stopped spawning ie..died fighting,spawning,disease,or natural causes.
How many caves you have in the tank to how many fish.
There many be a few more things they need to know.
But this gives the idea.
You don''t have to answer to this just be ready to get more info.

Good luck with the zebs.

Jerry :D
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Post by Stevie.K »

I currently have 6 groups of zebs & have added 1 or 2 fish after quarantine (if acquiring new fish) or have moved certain fish around to see if I could get better results with certain fish were nothing was happening with very little or no disturbances.
There is always a bit of fighting through regular residents & I always keep a close eye of any new fish introduced, I have sometimes altered the tank but not always, I have had more problems in the past with Angels & Discus which has led to death before.
What size is your tank?
I would probably alter the tank, add more cave & hiding places & I don't think you will have any problems. :wink:
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