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Everything you ever wanted to say about "Zebra luvin", but didn't because you thought everyone would take the mickey! Plus general topics for discussion including everything from what you feed them to your personal experiences.

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unungy- sorry I meant to include this url in my post above
was interested on your take- what do you know about all the arrests and the potential supply of fish illegally taken from Brazilian waters?

You say you will have a lots of new zebras etc. but the info in that thread indicates there may not be many fish coming out of Brazil in contravention of the ban there in the near future.

I am also curious if you have any idea as to the status of the wild pops of hypans in the Xingu and if the recent spate of imported wc fish has had any impact on the viability of the wild populations?
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Yes that was an interesting topic..... as far as the article is concern I don't know much about it apart for what has been published. There is always exaggeration in the media on these kind of topics but I wouldnt know for sure, I dont refute the validity of the claim by all means. That will be something that the Brazilian goverment won't be able to control due to so many people, families depending on it as a way of living. the resources provided by the region are the only way of living for the fishmen and their families. It is not only the zebra as an example but the rest of the resources needed, used by the aborigines of the region. Tha is the only way they know how to survive and provide for their families and they have been doing this for generations.

As far as the arrests that have taken placed I don't know much about it but people that were collecting fish were not fishmen people but foreigners studying the region supposedly.

As far as population, it is very simple it goes with the season. In winter the waters are too high for the fishmen to catch them so for about 6 months of the year they are impossible to get as I have been informed. It is seasonal as to my understanding.

The article is incorrect as of future coming of zebras. They will be more coming... the only difference is that some importers hide the origin of the fish and some of us don't. In USA Zebra plecos are not illegal to import from the contries we bring them from. The season is coming to an end so for a few months the nature will take its place.

I hope this will answer some of your questions....

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