Hello from Kent, UK

Hmmm...what else can I say!
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Hello from Kent, UK

Post by BigPlans »

Hi Everyone,

I suppose I might get to know some of you pretty well seeing as this looks like it has to be a life long commitment.

My name is Sam. I'm a 30 year old accountant from Kent and I am quite a beginner. I have had 2 tanks with cichlids and one Arowana (which scared the hell out of me before jumping out the tank one night while we were asleep). I now have just the one Cichlid tank at home and I'm just putting together my first zebra pleco tank.

I think the thing I like most about these fish are that they are so unique and so captivating to look at. I can't wait to get my colony up and running and see how they all interact and get their habbits. I've had a pair of kribs which bred once and my Jack Dempseys have paired and would breed if they have more room, so I'm really looking forward to spending hours watching the behavior of the zebs as they seem to have such an interesting way of doing things.

Anyway it's great to be part of it and fascinating how these little fish from their own part of the world are being cared for in all corners of the globe in peoples homes.

I'd love to hear from anyone in my neck of the woods who's into zebs too.
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Post by Ouscazz »

Nice to have you here Sam!
It's sooo easy to get hooked on the L's... :lol:
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Post by John »

Welcome BigPlans :)
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Post by jerry58 »

Hi BigPlans

Big WELCOME from your neck of the woods.

Jerry :D
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Post by Joby »

Hiya and welcome :)
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Post by Stevie.K »

A big welcome to the site. :)
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Post by Jo's Zebs »

Welcome to ZP :lol:
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