Wet season stimulation question...

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Wet season stimulation question...

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I've read that it is important to stimulate L046 breeding with a wet season using R/O water, air pressure drops, etc. I live in San Diego and we hardly ever get air pressure drops of any significance. Will this hurt my chances of stimulating breeding or are there people out there that have had success here in SoCal? If you can let me know some secrets of breeding them here in Cali. Thanks
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Welcome to the site.
In answer to your question I know I don't live in your country but if any help the only time I worry about low pressure is if I have to go out shopping. :lol:
Never worried when I started spawning my fish but I think you will get others that swear by it,be ready for a mixed response.

Good luck Jerry
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Yep, you will. I love storms. For me they have proved to be one of the two foundations of seeing a slew of different fish spawn in my tanks. The other was good food. I have never had an ro system.

That said if you dont have storms, then you have to rsort to other methods for sure. The nice thing is most fish naurally want to spawn and many will with only minimal input from us.

Not all fishkeepers have access to the same weather, water etc. etc. All one can do is try to take advantage of those things we do have. You can do ro, you can replicate a lot of the rainy seasons factors even if you won't have a barometric pressure drop accompanying them.

Of course, you could always move to where there are more storms if all else fails :P
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