when will they go again?

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when will they go again?

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Got the fry eating healty and doing well, they are scattered around the tank and finding them all is a real challenge!
Its been about 4 weeks now, When can I expect another batch of eggs?
Is there any point trying to trigger them with a WC?
|Some of the fry still hang round in the cave, will the male wait until all of them no longer return to the cave?
Maybe ill take the fry out next time(if there is a next time) and maybe they will lay more frequently?
Some of my females have scratches down their flanks, is this a sign that they are trying to get the male to breed again?
Just waiting for my L173s to turn up, ready for the next project thanks Jo!

Cheers for any advice
Jo's Zebs
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When their on a roll my zebs breed every 3 - 4 weeks so you could say any time now :D
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I agree- its about 4-5 weeks when they are in season.

Mine seem to spawn for 7-8 months and then hiatus seems to be about 5+ months. This is a longer cycle than in the wild by 1 to 2 months.
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