Worming New Zebs

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Worming New Zebs

Post by bengranger80 »

Hi Everyone,
Got some new zebs from Chens Discus about 2 weeks ago,
must say, I am pleased with the sizes.
The only issue I have and could do with some advice is that some of the zebs seem rather pale and are not really hiding. Others are really strong colour.
I was just considering the probability of some of the zebs having parasites etc, and due to my previous experience breeding discus and using kusuri wormer, maybe I should worm them just to be sure.
What do people think about this?
Is it nessecery?

I have 10 zebs in a tank 30x20x18. Is this a bit too crowded? I was thinking some of them might be stressed as there may be too many fights, maybe 7 would be better?

Thanks for any advice.
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Post by TwoTankAmin »

They will fight anyway probably. i have kept more ina similar sized tank. Provide a ton of cover and caves and that helps a lot.

Parasites and worms tend to require different meds. I dont know what you can get in the UK so I cant advise.

Here in the USA I use food treated with metronidazole for parasites if fish are eating. I use flubendazole in the water for worms.
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