Backwards Zebra?

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Backwards Zebra?

Post by TwoTankAmin »

This is a first for me. One of my breeders has recently taken up residence in a cave. There would be nothing unusual about this except that every time I have checked the cave, the fish is facing out not towards the back of the cave. I have never seen this before. Yes, one may get reversed now and then but this time we are talking about this going on for a few weeks now. I am not sure, but I think the fish is a fm.

Has anybody else seen this sort of behavior before? Does anybody have a clue? Should I be concerned or should I just assume it is just another case of learning something new about my fish yet again?

The one thing I didn't consider is that maybe it is watching me :roll:
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Post by jerry58 »

Hi i'm no expert but just think this normal for them.Mine have done this and did not come to anything this pic was taken some time ago and nothing happened. I think they just probably feel safer looking outward.Maybe someone has other idea hope this helps.

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Post by lgb »

Some of my the small l-46 are also doing, but it is always the small ones :wink:
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Post by Jo's Zebs »

I have a breeding female that sits facing outward in a cave
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Post by unungy »

I thought females don't go inside caves at all? Am I wrong?

My male also does the same thing.... specially when the lights are off.


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Post by Edlund »

My L046 males does that.The dominant male is the only i have seen doing it.Also my L260 female does it :)
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