HELP!!! my zebra's are dying

If it isn't to late, and you're desperately looking for some advice, hopefully someone can help you out.

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Hopefully you'll still love ebay when the filters get there...

Seriously, I'd do more than 10% water changes per day if your parameters are anything less than perfect. Why would you spend the money on zebras and risk them in an uncycled aquarium? These fish are endangered. This whole post makes me sad to read to be honest. Your fish aren't "getting ready" if they're out in the open. They're struggling and stressed. They're better to have NO food right now than worry about getting them to spawn as quickly as possible. Dead fish aren't going to be able to spawn at all. Concentrate on keeping them alive first....

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it can take a long time to cycle you're filter. ive been cycling 2 filters on an empty tank (no fish in) ready to put my zebras into and this has taken over a month with still unsafe water. dont know how long it will take with the fish in but i would concider doing maybe 30% water changes twice a day to remove the high levels then test regularly maybe every day to see how its changing. some one might give better advice but i would be worried about the rest dying with no viable filter in the tank?
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