Live black worms ?

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Live black worms ?

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I'm sure that this question has been asked, but I was unable to find it. Do any of you "veteran" zebra keepers, and by veteran I mean anyone who has been at it longer than me( 6 months !!) or even shorter if you have any experience with it, use live black worms to feed your zebras ? I've been reading some on the subject, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of mention of it in the zebra community. Or am I missing it ? I would appreciate any and all comments and experiences. Thank you very much.
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Hey Val I have not used live blackworms but I have fed it to other fish 2 times I had fed it to my black ghost knife fish and they died due to parisites so I would be careful with them.
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stay clear from live feed

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My personal opinion is to stay clear from live feeds, unless you are cultivating them yourself. Frozen Bloodworms should be an good alternative for live feeds.
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