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The only thing I can get my fish to eat is bloodworm. They used to eat a homemade gelatin based food but after I bought them some frozen bloodworms they won't eat it anymore. My fry eat baby live brine shrimp and homemade gelatin shrimp and zucchini mix.
If I don't feed them for a while will they start eating the gel based food again or have i ruined them by giving them bloodworms?
Also If I made a gel based food containing mostly frozen bloodworms ground up extremely fine mixed with zucchini, spirulina, shrimp, and flakefood would that make a difference? Just figured i'd ask before I wasted all that time and money and it not work. Any ideas on alternate food would be appreciated greatly.
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You are always better feeding a good mix of food so they do not become hooked on one thing, I would keep adding a little of somthing different and a little less bloodworm but slowly and over a long period of time until you have them on a good mix but to be fair zebs do love bloodworm, mine also love lobster eggs mostly but they get it as part of a mixed diet.
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Give them Hikari Carnivore pellets mine loves those
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Try any of the following foods available from, I use them all for zebras:

earthworm sticks and flake
spirulina w/garlic flake once a week
veggie sticks
meaty wafer

Other frozen foods of various sizes: All Hikari BioPure
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