Hello everyone :)

Hmmm...what else can I say!
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Hello everyone :)

Post by Graeme »

Just had my account activated.

I joined as ive always fancied keeping zebra pleco's and found this site in a search.

Ive been keeping tropicals for many years but had no tanks for about 4 years.

I was going to buy a zebra for my last tank, they were £75 for a 3" fish back then, not any more i see!!

We just set up a discus tank for my wife for christmas, hence my thoughts returned to zebra plecs as possible tank mates.

Having read through the site i can now see that this wouldnt be ideal, so, a seperate tank is needed.

If there getting their own tank i may as well see if i can get them to breed, all in good time though.

Problem is, we have a tiny 1 bed flat that is alredy crammed. Not sure i can find any space for another tank, even a 2' one.
We'll see though, maybe i can squeeze something in somewhere :)
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Post by John »

Welcome Graeme :)
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Post by Stevie.K »

A big welcome to the site Graeme, good luck in squeezing a zeb in somewhere. :)
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Post by sam »

:D Welcome :D
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welcome :D
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