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I have some zebras a while ago one had a growth on each of it's pectoral fins, i tried to treat it but it eventually died. All of the rest of the fish were fine.

I noticed last Thursday that another fish has type of growth on one of it's pectoral fins. The growths look like the pictures from: http://www.zebrapleco.com/health.php#warts.

I am not really sure how to treat this. I have moved the fish to a hospital tank. Please advise.

I have f1 zebras from three different sources. One group had slightly snubbed noses....the snubs are the ones getting sick, coincidence?

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Hi, sorry no one seems to have replied, perhaps becasue they cannot offer any ideas. I think growths are difficult to cure and need speicialist surgery. if only the snubs getting it this would suggest a genetic disposition. let us know how they get on. good luck
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What is your water quality? Have you fed them with live food? Either way might caused some kind of infections.
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