Help!! Red Zebras

If it isn't to late, and you're desperately looking for some advice, hopefully someone can help you out.

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Angela thank you.
But that's the strange (& very frustrating) thing - those 2 corys are fine, & so are the corys & endlers in the 1st zeb tank.

I still can't explain what happened - I did nothing different to what I always do.

Everything must have been going really well just before whatever it was that went wrong (if that makes sense!) because both the corys (not the ones in the zeb tank) & the big zebs had just laid eggs - they don't do that in 'bad' conditions!

I'm just devistated by it &, of course, zeb-less :cry:

Lucy <><
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Cant imagine how your feeling right now - and dont want to :(

There is a thread (or threads) on here somewhere about exactly the symptoms you have had and the same sort of death rate...

I'll have a quick search for you - at least it might help shed some light on the reasons :(
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Lucy *hug*

It could have been a parasite or if possible a miss-spray of a cleaner or air freshner that contaminated the water.

I'll share my pain with you Lucy...

My b/f and I went on vacation and my father was house sitting for us. He decided to "clean" my tanks as a favor. Keep in mind, my father is in his 70s (I think he's 73 or 74) and doesn't understand anything about tanks except they hold fish. In his mind, he reasoned that since the fish tanks are in the room closet to the laundry room - that it was okay to wash my filter padding because he said they were dirty and brown. Now by washing, he didn't just wash them in hot water. He washed them with bleach and detergent and put them back in my tanks. To top that off, he used the windex spray bottle to clean up the mineral deposits off my tanks. I came home DEVASTATED. All of my tanks! DEAD! And what could I do to my 73yr old father? Get angry at him because he thought he was doing the right thing for me? I lost two adult zebras plus a dozen juvenile zebs, two sexed golden nuggets, my entire shrimp tank: cherry shrimps, african filter shrimps, amano shrimps, bumble bees. Nothing survived. Oh, and my dad doesn't understand why I was so upset because he really did work hard on my tanks - they were clean - no more mineral deposit creep, pure white filter pads, outside of the tank spic and span clean. When I pointed out my dead tanks, he was shocked. He didn't know he was killing my tanks with the cleaning solutions. He thought they would be okay.

It has taken me about 8 months to get back on my feet with my tanks. It was painful to clean out my tanks and dispose of the fish. We were only gone for four days so the fish barely passed away by the time we made it home.

I'm sorry for your lost =( I'm sorry you're zeb-less now =( I hope one day that you'll get more zebs to love and cherish in your home. It's painful and not a great experience to go through. *big hug*

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Hello Lucy

I'm very sorry for your losses.
Believe me - I know the feeling. Once lost all my plecos and had to start all over again.

I have a few comments for you:

Looking at the foto I'm absolutely sure, the problems are caused by an bacterial infection. I had luck in the past to cure this a couple of times.

However in your case - the infection spread quickly !! Far to quickly.

And just after a water change.

I know of some examples, where fishowners lost all their plecos due to coli bacteria in the tapwater and/or also of other problems in the tapwater.

The watersupply (worldwide) doesn't always publish their problems.

Best regards
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