L-134 DYING.

If it isn't to late, and you're desperately looking for some advice, hopefully someone can help you out.

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L-134 DYING.

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Ok so i get in wild caught 3.5 inch 134's last wednesday.
Today was a week ive had them.
They are in same tank as my tank raised 134's and thus morning 5 wilf caught 134's we're dead and everything else is ok.
might be a parasite or bug killing them? all water parameters are OK.
25% Water changes every other day for first week i had them.
vacuumed all left over food every day.
feeding frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp.
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Post by Stevie.K »

Did you not quarantine them first?

If not they may of caught an infection which killed them from the stress of being moved, or may have already being carrying a bug.

Sorry about your fish :(
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Post by pureplecs »

What Steve says could absolutely be true but if you could post the information about the tank that would be helpful for folks to offer help. Can you post all the details of the tank including size, actual water parameters, temp, etc? :)
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