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I have a problem with my zebra tank, there are a lot of small flat white 'worms' crawling over the glass and gravel, they are about 3-5mm large and seem to harrasing my zebra's, they have small injuries and I have seen the 'worms' coming to the injuries. Two of my Zebra's already died and now 2 are always hanging on the front window.
How can I kill these 'worms'????

My water parameters:
T= 28°C
PH= 7,5
GH=3 dh
KH= 3,5 dh
Amoniak= 0mg/l
Nitriet: <0,3mg/l
Nitrate: 10mg/l
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Post by civicr »

id sugest do a good size water change,then daily changes also dont feed the zebs for a few days,
but as of the problem i dont no much about the worms cant offer treatment but if its possible can you move you zebs into a hospital tank and let there wounds heel

hope your zebs pull thru best of luck
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I've had something similiar, i think the small worms may have been some sort of plenum, which multiplied in my tank. They were quick to move around too.

They began to multiple like mad and would swarm over any uneaten food.

Mine seemed to come in on some Java moss. I had to completly strip down the tank, i then made the tank a bare bottom tank. I also emptied out my ehiem canistor filter and cleaned alll the media with boiling hot water to kill any of these. I then used mature water from another tank for quick cycling. Luckliy i have 4 tanks to swap any livestock around.

After i refilled the tank, the next day a few more appeared, i squashed them. Left if a little longer and repeated the process, until none had shown up. These other ones must have been in the eheim pipes.

Also before this, i also bought 3 Botia Striata to eat these, they did eat loads, then i think they got bored and wanted over food.

See if you can get a picture of these worms if possible.

Since then i have seen none luckily.

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I think it's best to setup a new tank and just net these two over to the other tank. Then nuke the one you have now and that includes the filter. If possible, microwave your media (not the filter as the plastic might melt). I do mine for 20 secs. Let it sit for a while then do it again for 20secs. That's how I nuke mine.
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