Swollen juv.

If it isn't to late, and you're desperately looking for some advice, hopefully someone can help you out.

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Just an up date.I end up saving 3 of the babies out of 8.Raising the KH does reducethe bloading of the stomach :lol:
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hi all, Very interesting thread. Out of interest, what is considered too low KH to cause osmosis problems. my KH averages about 4 depending on my dry/rainy cycle. how low is too low?
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KH 4 is fine. Mine was 0 when I first discovered this problem...

Mind you, it seems like the osmosisproblem is more common in very young fry. I would think the pictures shown in this tread is more likely to be due to an internal infection. Especially the red markings on the head suggests this (internal bleeding, sometimes due to nitrAte poisining).
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