PLEASE HELP!!!! - Camallanus Worms

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PLEASE HELP!!!! - Camallanus Worms

Post by mistern2005 »

I recently discovered a camallanus worm infestation (a type of nematode) in my planted tank (NOT the zebra tank). However from what I hear these worms are very contagious....and I use the same net, cleaning equuiptment, etc. between tanks. The two otos in the zebra tank are not showing any symptoms and the zebra hides so much I couldn't tell if he/she has symptoms either.

I am having some Levamisole HCL shipped to me which will arrive on Tuesday. This is suppose ot be a single-dose, very effective cure. I am planning on treating both tanks. Does anyone know if zebras are susceptible to this particular parasite? Has anyone has expereince treating with Levamisole? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Post by GIORGOS »

it is a parasite worm on a fish?
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Post by McEve »

I've never seen camallanus in Zebras, but know of a person that had a Golden Nugget with this nasty infection.

Don't treat until you know they are infected would be my advice. But keep a close eye on them!
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Post by Des »

The problem with this worm is that when they exhibit themselves from the vent of the fish , they are at an advanced stage and are reproducing ( into the tank).
I once had a newly purchased pair of whiptails that I had put in a zebra tank. The whiptails soon showed signs of this infection after which I treated the tank with Levamisole.
The whiptails did not survive for too long, I believe due to the damage already caused internally by the worms, but none of the zebras got infected or appeared to suffer from the treatment.

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Post by TwoTankAmin »

I keep a couple of zebras in with a discus pair. I was forced to treat this tank with both metro and flubendazole (used for the same things as the levamisole) for a problem with the discus.

Neither med had any adverse effect on the zebras.
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I had the same problem a few weeks back and my male zeb got frightfully thin but i saved him with the use of discus wormer..he's starting to put some weight on now :D

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