Emaciated pleco

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Emaciated pleco

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Hi Guys

I purchased a male zeb two weeks ago and he seemed to settle in fine..he acts normally..looks well coloured and alert but unfortunatly he only picks at food..he's very thin :( ..the weekend i noticed a thin white worm protruding from him..i removed the fish from the tank and was able to remove the worm..he looks heathier since i have to say..so what i really wanna ask is can i treat my zeb tank as a precaution with discus wormer like this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/WORMER-PLUS-2000- ... 0089030295

I don't wanna lose zebra plecos cos of internal parasites..they are far to special to be lost like this


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I would use biltricide, it contains 600mg praziquantel per tablet.
Crush the tablet(s) and solve them in warm water, after 3 days do a water change and put carbon in your filter.
You use 1 tablet for 150 liters of water.
You can get biltricide in a pharmacy.

Good luck!!

(I used it succesfully several years ago for a case of tape worm in a discus tank without any effect on my zebra's that were in the tank)
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From where was the worm protruding???

I recently treated my tank for camallanus worms with great success....Levamisole HCL. PM me if you want more details or have questions!!!
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