Do i still need to add ro right to my water???

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Do i still need to add ro right to my water???

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Hi guys

This might seem like a stupid question but here go's.

I used to use ro right with my ro water and adding the right amount off ro right that it instructed on the bottle, and just thinking that it would be ok i later tested the mix and the ro wasnt bringing my kh up to what it said it should do so i added more and then some more but it still didnt bring it up to what i was aiming for, so i did away with it and went for a tap water mix with the ro water instead i use 5 and three quarter litres off declorinated tap water with 12 and a quarter litres off ro water, with this mix i get these readings

KH 4
GH 7
PH 7.4
N03 0

But as i am only adding such little tap water do i need to add any more trace elemts or ro right to make it ok for the fish??
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Post by Barbie »

Nope, you do not need to add RO right any longer :)

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Post by Des »

Hi DANthirty,
I dont use any RO right, just a 50/50 tap water and ro mixture.
However I do know a friend of mine who breeds sturisomas, who uses 2 SERA products( one for minerals and the other for hardness) with his RO water and no tap water.
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Post by husky_jim »

I personally never use it i just do a mix with 1/4 of tap water and i only add "Seachem's Discus Trace"
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