What To Do With Fighting Zebras

If it isn't to late, and you're desperately looking for some advice, hopefully someone can help you out.

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Sorry to hear you lost two of your zebs :( . Glad to hear you got to the bottom of the Copepod problem though !
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I've had bad experiences with EshA's algae control, even though it did kill the algae it also killed the fish (not used in the Zebra tank).

Interesting to note that the snail control also affect the fish,

I've had very good experiences with EshA200 and EshAExit but it might seem they don't have to much control over the other products. (?)

Sorry about your loss :(
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It was the first time i have used any Esha product, normally use a Waterlife treatment if i need one, only tried it because i read somewhere it killed planarians/copepods, which it did, but not 100%.

I don't mean to say Esha's products are bad, just suprised me how the zebras reacted to it, though i did not like how it didn't have the ingredients on the box, or on the leaflet inside the box, and could not find them when searching the web.

The good (and not so good) news is that i have had a couple of batches of eggs from the eight zebras back in the 6ft tank in the hut, but they were unfertilized/fungused both times and kicked out on the first night, found 8 eggs in the sand the first time and about a month later found ten eggs on the sand, outside the males cave.
It was the same male each time, but do not know if it was the same female, i have two large males, and i think a few plump females, going by there bellies.

After seeing that the other male was not getting any vistors from the other fish, i decided to split the zebras up into two trios in smaller tanks to give each male a chance to breed, and also put the smallest zebra in with a troublemaker in their own tank.
The troublemaker is smaller than the two adult males, but always has scuff marks on it's side (strips getting rubbed off), and i have seen it often enough in other zebras hidey holes trying to push them out, and it's usually a different zebra it's harassing each time i see it !

Probably upset any chance of breeding for the time being, but i have read a lot that only one male generally gets to breed in a tank, and i also noticed that the dominant male liked to take over the other males cave once a week, only for a couple of days though, before moving back to his usual cave, so there was not much of a chance of the less dominant male breeding unless he gets his own tank.
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