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hi all
My aquarium haves 120 L and 5 growlights, 3 guppy, 1 L46, 1 L114 and 1 ancistrus albino.. But 1 guppy disappeared and today 1 growlight is much
injure :( .. I don´t anderstand because the fish is very healthy... so I want to know if my l46´ll be able to have eated the guppy and the growlight :!: :?:
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It would help to have a bit more information about your tank. How long has it been set up? Have you tested your water? What are the parameters?

I had guppies in with my Zebras and never saw any interaction at all. I personally would be surprised if your Zebra was responsible for attacking the guppy or the glowlight. I did, however, move the guppies because the tank just wasn't suitable for them (too warm) and they didn't do well.

When you say your fish are injured, can you describe what has happened? That might help too. :wink:
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