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Summer 2019 Breeding project

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:10 am
by TwoTankAmin
I think this is the proper place for this thread. Here is the immediate plan.

1. I am behind on regular maint. and water changes. So I need to get caught up.
2. I would like to get usable pictures of the current set-ups and post them in this thread.
3. I have two short term projects. One is to convert the pleco breeding space with 6 tanks from an assortment of filters to mostly air driven filters. I have the big pump from Jehmco set up to feed 3 racks hold 2 tanks each.
4. The second project is to break down tanks to look for/remove offspring.
75 gal. for TR 236. I am working to get proven breeder reverse trios w/ some of their fry. They get parked in 3x20L summer tanks.
33L breeder for wild L173 with many offspring & 20L with 25 assorted offspring. These will go to a 40B summer tank.

Current status report:
1. I have moved 43 L450 offspring ranging from .5 to 2.75 inches to a [i\b]50 gal.[/b] tank for the summer.
2. I already have one 236 reverse trio in a 20L with a few fry and dad on wigglers. I also have two more caves with dads on wigglers.
3. I spotted fry in the TR 173 tank this in the last few days.
4. I am pulling caves with dads on eggs for 236s to grow tanks. The idea is to have fry born there instead of the breeder tanks.

Longer term projects:
1. Move all the L173b breeders and their offspring to one 40B summer tank tank. I need to sell them all before the fall. This opens up a 33L and lets me take down a 20L.
2. The F1 L173 will come back indoors at the end of summer/early fall. They will go into a 33L grow tank and, with luck I will need another 33L to house them all.
3. I hope to sell off enough of the TR L236 and their offspring to allow me to move the rest to a 33L. This lets me take down a 75 gal.
4. Start a dry season for my zebras.
5. I also am wanting to amass as many L173 as I can. These grow slower than almost any fish I have kept.

The 6 summer tanks will come down at the end of the season. I have 18 tanks and am trying to downsize. My goal is to sell all my L173b and L450 by the time the summer tanks come down. This will allow me to get down to 15 tanks. I want to concentrate on the 236, 173 and zebras plus my 6 community display tanks.

Parameters: My well water is almost dead neutral and a max. 83 ppm TDS out of the tap. I keep most of the tanks in the 82-86 range except for the L459 which I keep in the 78-82F range.
Feeding: I rotate between frozen foods (40%), Repashy foods (40%) and kens sinking mini sticks (20%).
Maint: I normally change 50%-60% of the water in all tanks weekly.
Tanks: All are glass with lids. Some are bare bottom and others have a sand bottom. All have wood and rock works and many have caves (mostly terracotta but a few slate as well).
Filtration: There are an assortment of filters which include 8 Aquaclears (100 to 300 gph) and 1 Liberty hang-on, 1 Eheim canister, 4 Matten filters (air and pump driven), many air driven Poret foam cubes 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 inches, powerheads with big sponged intakes, and a single H.O.T Magnum.
Misc: Tanks are not planted and the lights are only on when I am working in/on the tank. All are species tanks. Tanks which will not have eggs or newly free swimming fry, may have assassin snails as they usually have pest snails because they are grow tanks whic get decent feedings.

Re: Summer 2019 Breeding project

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 6:48 pm
by TwoTankAmin
i am not updating this thread as I decided to do it on If interested, you can follow it here ... 52#p319563