zebras in worthing!!

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zebras in worthing!!

Post by Shell231 » Wed Mar 30, 2005 6:18 pm

Wyevale @ Worthing, West sussex. Tel:- 01903 244532 ask for Marcel
Wyevale @ Worthing Findon, West sussex. Tel:- 01903 877799 ask for Matt
Wyevale @ Swansea. Tel:- 01792 774080 ask for Mark

I have been doing my research and i found these place's to still have zebras left, they range from £120 - £150 they have 3 confirmed females and 1 confirmed male ( i believe ) and the rest they haven't had sexed, or are too small he was foreign i couldn't quite understand, sorry for the poor info give them a ring and find out, he has jacked his prices up due the the ban from brazil! he said he is 1 of 3 shops in england with zebras but hey they say anything for a sale! lol best of luck peeps

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