WTB 10x-15x L046 Fry or Adults Group NYC Metro Zip 10901 or shipped

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WTB 10x-15x L046 Fry or Adults Group NYC Metro Zip 10901 or shipped

Post by Ssevasta »

Hi guys I’m looking to start a breeding group of L46 Zebra plecos and I’m looking for anyone that’s breeding them or looking to sell/trade theirs. I live about 40 minutes North of NYC zip code 10901 and I’m looking to either pick them or up have them shipped to me. I’m planning on getting between 10 and 15 L46’s altogether but I’m willing to buy smaller groups or even local individuals to ensure genetic diversity within my breeding group. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking to spend between $100-$200 each depending on size/age and quantity available. Thanks for reading. Please send me a PM or email to Ssevasta@me.com
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Re: WTB 10x-15x L046 Fry or Adults Group NYC Metro Zip 10901 or shipped

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I doubt you will find an adult group at the price per fish you listed. I have two groups. The second is a mix of my F1s and some others I bought as part of a larger deal a few years ago. They are pretty much adult size, there are 13 or so and I would not sell them for $2,600 (200 each).

My basic guideline for pricing is $100 per inch TL with the first 1/4 inch free. But as they get on the bigger size (2 inches and up), that free part goes away. I do not believe I have fry for sale until I do a tank breakdown. Its nbeen ages and I have seen spawns this past year.

What makes it worse is I am about 45 minute from you across the Hudson.
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