WTB:L46 Zebra plecos, US 75089, shipped

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WTB:L46 Zebra plecos, US 75089, shipped

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hello i'm searching for zebra plecos... i would like to buy at minimum 1 adult female and 1 adult male...of coarse i understand i may have to locate them separately and they will need to be shipped to zip code 75089..... pictures and prices please.. thank you in advance
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Re: WTB:L46 Zebra plecos, US 75089, shipped

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Zebras prices and ease of purchase are a function o a few factors. The most expensive are proven breeders and they are hardest to find. Sexed adults are next hardest. When it comes to wild caught fish (and they are usually smuggled out of Brazil), females are much less common since catching the males is much easier. However, with tank raised one will find a better balance of the sexes. However, females are always more expensive and more difficult to get. Next, there is always te chance of sexing them improperly. Despite ones best efforts looking at head shapes fin shapes etc. it is possible to get it wrong more often than one might think. I can only sex them by venting or adult behavior. If you have a mature pair (not spawning yet) in a tank I can figure out the sexes from how they behave after a few days or a week.

Either of these processes takes time and effort I won't do. I will allow people co came and pick out the fish they want is about as good as I get. :)

I have been spawning and selling zebras since 2006 and I have never ever sold any of my sexually mature fish. It is seen by many as the goose vs the eggs. Keep the goose, sell the eggs.
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