WTB: L46 Fond du Lac, WI pick-up or shipping

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WTB: L46 Fond du Lac, WI pick-up or shipping

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Looking to buy about 4 L46 or a breeding pair in the Fond du Lac, WI area. Or will pay for shipping. Thanks.
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Re: WTB: L46 Fond du Lac, WI pick-up or shipping

Post by TwoTankAmin »

Just a quick note. It is not difficult to find both wild caught (although illegally removed from Brazil) and F1 one zebras of various sizes. However, many sellers don't sex them, especially smaller ones. In the wild when they are collected (as is common for many plecos) it is much easier to find the males than the females. So most shipments arrive with many more males. Once one has them spawning this ratio changes for the fry.

However, when the fish are sexed, it costs more for females than for males and folks are normally unwilling to sell just females. The only thing that can be harder to find than sexed but unproven fish are proven breeders. If you can, you may expect to pay a lot more. A number of years ago I was offered a breeding colony of 13 fish and a few fry. I was required to buy them all, to agree not to resell them but to work with them and then to pick them up as the seller would not ship. I paid, on a per fish basis, more than 5 times what I could get wild caught juveniles for, and I got a bargain.

At this time of year many sellers prefer not to ship due to the cold weather. The risk for fish that like it warm is too great, especially if a box gets delayed. I suggest you post on PlanetCatfish as well as here if you have not. You can also check AquaBid as a few folks sell them there.
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