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I can't believe the amount of zebra plecs advertised at the moment! The difference in prices are rather surprising as well! On the same website you can get small zebras for £80 and then somebody else advertising some for £245 each! :O I also note some that are advertised on ebay frequently have now dropped in price as well! Erm... I wonder if these people are actually going to sell any...

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There may have been some truth to the claim that L046 are appearing on wholesaler lists after all.

The current fluctuations are quite amusing. Signs of panic selling?

And as for 245pounds each for tank bred fish... LOL :lol: That's taking liberties a little bit isn't it? :lol: in fact LMAO... Let's see now: 80pounds or 245 pounds? Hmmm.... LOL :lol: The comedy!

Maybe there are worried speculators jumping ship and selling up. I hope so.

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