Rinse frozen food!

If you don't mind sharing them in order to keep these little critters breeding in captivity, chuck your hints and tips this way!

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Youve started something here !!!!! with your flu cure. Will definitly try it when needed.
Talking about flu cures, about a year ago , having a persistant cough I was given some advice to use a chinese preperation called NIN JIOM PEI KOA (Honey, natural herbs and loquat syrup)available at Chinese cash and carries and I have never looked back and have never been troubled by a cough since.About a tablespoon is added to some hot water and sipped , 3 times aday.
I have heard that a piece of fresh garlic the size of a match head be crushed and added to a tank to kill of pathogens in the fishtank.I believe that 2 different ingredients in the garlic are activated when it is freshly crushed .I have read this on the net but cannot remember where.

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