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advice on tank setup

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:53 pm
by Balken89
Hi i was just wondering if you think this could work for my zebras

tank is 80x45x35 cm, 126Liters
i have one Aquaclear 70 powerhead with filter and 2 streamers koralia evolution 4000l/h i have been told that you cant have to much current so atleast 5500-7000l/h they told me in the local petstore. I know its not Needed but i want to make it as close to their natural environment as possible.
the sand i have blows away so i was planing to change the sand to 3-5 mm (have 0.2-0,5 mm) to make it stay still.

all advice are much appriciated

picture of the aquarium, will make some more hiding places and more caves this pic was before the 2 extra streamers