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Number of males to females?

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:55 am
by Stevie.K
I am in the middle of changing my Rena Aqualife tank into a big Zebra colony tank, it is a 2 mt x 750mm x 500mm tank holding approx 600-700 litres.
How many adult zebs do you think I can have in this tank & what male/female ratio works best if any of you have any experience in larger colonys.
I have had sucess in smaller tanks with smaller groups of 2 males & 2/3 females.
I know with bigger tanks you can maybe have trouble with fish finding food & uneaten food left over, but I will have a good clean up crew & also Corys.
Interested in what you lot think :)

Re: Number of males to females?

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:06 pm
by Rob
Hi Stevie

I have never gone above 2 males and 5 females in a tank, but I don't see any major problems so long as each one can establish it's own territory without too much visual impact form another male i.e. if you have caves that the males are already accustomed to make sure they are set up in areas that have physical barriers between them and the immediate area around them. I generally found that the males would only fight if they could see each other form their own immediate territory. That way the females matched to each male will also be out of sight.

I am not sure what the limit would be on a 600l tank, but I would suggest no more than 3-4 males to start with and at least 2 females for each. You may well be able to fit more in afterwards, however it is a bit of a catch 22. It will be easier to introduce all males at once and let them establish their own territotires than introducing others at a later date once territories are established.

Are you putting in proven colonies?


Re: Number of males to females?

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:09 pm
by Stevie.K
Hi Rob,

No my proven groups I am keeping were they are not wanting to upset any balances, however I have other groups of wild caught fish that I have had for between 1-2 yrs with no success so these are the ones I will be starting a larger group with also introducing females that I have bred myself that are now 21/2-3 yrs old & starting to look promising.
I also have 3 females that used to breed with one of my main males, but since he died no one has filled his boots & this is 15 months on even though I have introduced other mature males with no success.
There will be more than enough caves, cover & hidden territories so fingers crossed. :)

Re: Number of males to females?

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:17 pm
by Rob
Hi Stevie

All sounds good. I had a similar problem with one of my main groups a few years ago. Prolific breeders until the male died, and then it took a good 18 months before I could get them to match with another male.

Get a little Barry White on the in the background :-) !!

Good luck.


Re: Number of males to females?

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:49 pm
by Stevie.K
Been busy stripping down my previous tank set up of gravel & plant substrate, never again what a mess!
Introduced a new flulval fx5 on top of my other filter,I should of bought one ages ago top filter for £130 after discount, cheaper than ebay :lol:
Gone for large boulders, cobbles & a sand bottom as I prefer it over bb, even though I know bb is the cleaner way.
Also gone for a few plants just to break it up, even though the Zingu dosen't have any, just my personal taste.
I have introduced a shoal of Lemon & cardinal Tetras & a few more to come & my zebs at last, 5 mature males & 20 females if I have sexed them correctly, I am sure there is a minimum of 15+ females if I have got it right.
Lucky boys, pics to follow when I get a min :lol:

Re: Number of males to females?

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:53 am
by Joby
Look forward to seeing it all finished and good luck :)

Re: Number of males to females?

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:52 pm
by Line
Hi Stevie

I have a similar Tank with 600 Litres and I also introduced a large zeb colony. It works great. They settled in very well and act more naturally. They even seem less shy.
Though I chosed this sommerperiod for changes, they already spawned a couple of times.
So I think, you will enjoy your setup a lot - wish you good luck.

Best regards

Re: Number of males to females? now with pics

Posted: Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:15 pm
by Stevie.K
Here you go @ last.
In there Iv'e got 33 zebs, groups of Cardinal, Lemon, Penguin & Columbian Tetras, Cherry Shrimps & some CW051 Corys.
There has been alot of fighting going on, sorting out pecking order in which I lost a large male who had open sore wounds, I did try to catch him but I couldn't get him, so I treated the tank but unfornuately he was dead the next day.
And also lost a female, where I just found the remains of a carcass. :(
Things seam to have settled down now but there are a few fish with scuffs.
Hope you enjoy.

Re: Number of males to females?

Posted: Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:01 pm
by Joby
Tank looks great, good to hear they are settling down :)