Thinking About A Slate Bottomed Tank...

Pretty much explains itself really. If you have questions about tank set-ups, tank furniture, (caves etc) chuck them in here!

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Thinking About A Slate Bottomed Tank...

Post by andrewcoxon »

iv been given to chance to add to my zebra collection and im starting a new group with some new fish, plus a young male from my existing group. have already tried both sand and bare bottom tanks (my current set-up is bare bottom) iv been thinking about making my new tank a slate bottomed tank. is it just as easy as cutting the slate tiles to fit and siliconing them to the bottom?? has anyone done this before and can offer adivce and or pictures of what it looks like once done?


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Post by Zoban »

Should be as easy as cutting and siliconing in as mentioned maybe silicone in the cracks too. Sorta like water proof grout..
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