Gravel Choices

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Gravel Choices

Post by killiedave57 » question

Anyone have opinions on types of gravel to use in their zebra tanks???
I have several types available to me at the moment, and want to use whatever seems to be best for them
i have:
flint river fine (about #3or #4 size)
silica quartz fine (maybe little more granular than sand like #2ish)
silica quartz med (probably #3 size..something I would use for corys)

please let me know what you all think

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Re: Gravel Choices

Post by TwoTankAmin »

I have used small gravel, sand and bare bottom. They all worked fine. I tend to go bare bottom more than anything else in pleco tanks.
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Re: Gravel Choices

Post by Bugsy »

Me to especially with the Zebras, learned the hard way with sand never again bare bottom is the only way I am going this time around with my zebras.

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