Size of breeding group

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Size of breeding group

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Hi all I am in the fortunate position of having 22 adult zebs which I have grown on from fry. They are now ready to be split into breeding groups the only problem is I can,t decide on the size of the groups? Any idea,s opinions would be welcome. Tank space is not an issue.

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Re: Size of breeding group

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Hi all depends size of tanks you haave that you can put them in ,ive 6 groups of 5 in each tank 2m/3f size 24x18x18, 130 liter-ish but only 4 groups have bred in them so far.
For me personnally ive got plenty of ways out incase of a disease and bad luck hits me, and lose some .
Water changes every 2nd day and keeping on top of them is also easy for me to do,as mine all have taps siliconed in to tank fronts .

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Re: Size of breeding group

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Decision would be based on : how many males and females do you have?

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