fish sizes and possible ages?

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fish sizes and possible ages?

Post by Zebedee »

i brought these fish and were told they were over 2 years old and around 2" to 2.75" having measured them at home they seem alot younger and smaller could anyone else comment on there sizes and ages roughly

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Post by ApacheDan »

I doubt that they are 2 years old. Under good conditions and a good diet, zebras should be near breeding size at that age, which should be around 3". The first pic looks a bit stressed, probably due to being in the bag a bit too long. Too bad you couldn't take pics of their underside to see their bellies.

Either way, congratulations and you got your work cut out for you. Make sure your water parameters are ok and put them in a good variety diet. They should pick up size with some good TLC. :wink:

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Post by Joby »

Mine were that size at 8 months for the smallest and 12 months for the bigger one so am doubtful they are 2 years old :?

Good luck with them anyway and enjoy them :)

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Post by I_Need_Zebras »

don't seem 2 years to me, just a bit on the small side.
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Post by Stevie.K »

Didn't you think they were smaller & younger before you bought them,
or didn't you see the fish before you bought them :?

Does anyone think the fish in the 2nd picture on the right is a stubnose or is it just the angle in the bag?

I would say your fish are between 8-12 months old, I hope you didn't pay too much for them expecting they were older & bigger?

Good luck anyway :)

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