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New Group for me.

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:48 pm
by TwoTankAmin
One of the advantages for me from working with zebras was that they became a springboard for getting new species. I was ablle over time to parlay my good luck with spawning things to allow me to acquire a group of wild P. compta, then a group of L173b from Glase in germany. This then became a group of RB L236. From there is was two groups of L173 (on of which was the private collection of an importer). Finally, I acquired a group og super white L236 which I also think may have come from ab RB line.

Over the years I have paid a lot less attention to my original zebra group and even bumped it up with some new fish about 2 years back. The result of all of the above is that I decided it was time for a new start with zebras and I bought myself a group of 25 at 2 in. TL from one of the best Known breeding operations in Asia. They have been in growout since I got them about 6 weeks after they arrived in the states. I have had them since very late April.

So I am back up to about 45 zebras or so. My problem is now I am being overrun by L173. I have two spawning groups and they are hard at work trying to take up every gallon of tank space I have, :D