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Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:17 am
by Albino2673
Hi all,

so i have a question again hope you can help
i live in the UAE and the water from the tap is desalinated ro with added minerals, i can find no information what minerals have been added after the process and to be very honest i think the salts content is high so my perams as follows accotding to tetra dip strip

ph 6.5--7
ammonia o
nitrite 0
nitrate trace
gh 60--100 on strip but tested with store tds was 512ppm and on sera liquid did not get reading
kh 3 on strip and 4 on sera liquid test

so firstly please suggest reliable test supplier as i have lots of conflicting info
i know i am stupid to jump in to zebs again withour doing water research but great fish in the store just had to have them,
so i am now thinking i should get a ro unit and mix water from the carbon and 5 micron filter with the ro water to make things happier fof the guys
please any feedback will be fantastic