Zebra Pleco

Everything you ever wanted to say about "Zebra luvin", but didn't because you thought everyone would take the mickey! Plus general topics for discussion including everything from what you feed them to your personal experiences.

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Zebra Pleco

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Would like to get a zebra pleco for my tank. Not interested in breeding them. Should I buy two fry or just one fry? Would it do better if I kept two or one? Would they fight too much if I kept two?

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Re: Zebra Pleco

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I'm not a fan of keeping only one of a species except for a few types of fish. Most fish are found in large numbers, so like the company of each other.
I have 8 Zebras in a 5 foot aquarium and 6 of them congregate together amongst a set of caves in the middle of the aquarium. They don't exactly cuddle up together but they do stick together and sometimes will be 2 to a cave. :)
The other 2 live in a large lump of hollow bogwood. I can just see them side by side through the hole they use as the entrance.
Some bicker now and then but I've never seen a fight. Doesn't mean they don't though.

Regards ..... Gary.

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Re: Zebra Pleco

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Zebra do not do well in most community type tanks. They will mostly hide when happy and healthy.
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