Zebra Plecos and More

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Zebra Plecos and More

Post by rkc772 » Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:50 pm

Zebra Pleco L46 2-2.5" $120 Each (quantity discount applies please PM- only for 5 and up purchases)
L95 Pleco 5" $90
Hydrolycus Armatus 4" $100 Each
MBU Puffer 6" $150
Silver Dollar Spotted $5 Each (Must take 10 pcs at a time)
Silver Dollar Single Bar $10 Each (Must take 5 at a time)
Unknown Pike 8-9" $50
Blue Fiberglass Bin 72x36x24 inch $300 Each or (500 for both pump will be included)
FX5 New with Full media (carbon, amonia remover, fine filter pad, polishing pad and biomax included) - Please PM for pricin
Glass tanks 48x15x12 Inch 1/2" thick no braces at the middle $50 Each (1 full rack has 3 tiers - PM me if you want the whole rack)

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