Zebrapleco RESTORED - Please Read

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Zebrapleco RESTORED - Please Read

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Hi Everyone.

If anyone missed the last announcement, issued on Sunday 30th July, then you may be wondering why we appear to have stepped back in time.

We had a security issue with ZP and someone accessed a part of the site that allowed them to delete members. Unfortunately in doing so they also deleted members posts which has led a number of errors occuring on the site.

In short we have had to restore the ZP database back to point that was over a week old. Unfortunately this has meant that we have lost all our recent members and any posts made after the 22nd July 2006.

Unfortunately we will also have lost all PM's and announcements.

My sincere apologies for this and I hope that it has not caused any major inconvenience.

Please drop me a PM if there are any problems.


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