Newsletter 04

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Newsletter 04

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Hi Everyone, and welcome to the slightly delayed Christmas edition of the Newsletter.

I hope you have all had a fantastic Holiday, with Santa being good to you all. I personally cannot complain as I have had possibly the best Christmas present that anyone could ever receive. At 04:37am on Christmas Morning, after 21 hours of “unwrapping” we had a little 7lb 12oz baby call Cairn. He is a wee cracker and without doubt the best looking “Soon-to-be” Zebra enthusiast I have ever seen!!!!

SO… now that I have started to announce to the world what is happening in my wonderful life, what is happening on the site…..

Well, a big thanks to all of you who voted for us on Aquarank, as we have made it to number 1!!!!! McEve and Fishnut2 have rallied our members together to make sure that we hit the topspot. I must admit, it was the icing on the Cake when I arrived home with the new member of the family.

Congrats also to Telnet who won this months Photo Competition with an amazing Photograph of his colony of zebras. We are now waiting for his next instalment entitled “Roll-over and sit, good zebra”.

Next year is proving to be an exciting year already, with the near completion of the Health Page which has been lovingly and meticulously created by McEve. We will also have the addition of an additional Webcam, (once again contributed by McEve).

You will also have noticed a new “Commercial Sales” section of the site which will be expanding over coming months, so please keep your eyes open.

Finally, once again, I would like to thank you for progressing the site through another Year. The new site has only been going for 3 full months now, yet we have already dramatically increased membership and our knowledge base.

Next year will once again prove to be fruitful for us with the new “Statistics” pages, and hopefully the unveiling of our “Projects” page.

It is now time for me to disappear and wind the wee one!

From Myself, Jen, Cairn, and the rest of the Team, Have a great New Year, and all the best for 2006.
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