Newsletter 03

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Newsletter 03

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.to another edition of the Newsletter. Yes, I must admit it is a little earlier this month, but what can I say, there is just so much to say I can’t keep it to myself.

As some of you may be aware there is going to be a new arrival to the household, and it doesn’t have stripes! Yes, I am soon to be a dad, and hence trying to draught-proof, rainproof, and heatproof the house prior to our pending arrival.

Hence the early arrival of the Newsletter! Our House is now warm enough that I can sit down throughout the day, without needing to wear 15 jumpers, two hats and a 2 cats curled up inside my jersey for body heat!

(On that note, hope you have all got your generators on the ready, and those empty 1.5 Litre Coke Bottles to fill with Hot water in the event of a power cut).

Anyway………..the team have been busy over the past few weeks creating some more goodies for you.


The new Shop is now online, selling a variety of Merchandise and goodies. The long-term plan is to offer aquatic products “at cost” to forum members, therefore saving you money which can be spent on ..of course…more fish! At the moment however we will stick to what is there,….just in time for Christmas.

Please note that Import Taxes may be applicable. If you wish to reduce the chances of these charges then ask for it to be marked as a gift, and keep the overall cost of the items to under $36.00 (US).

Also if your Shopping Basket is continually empty when you order, (when using Microsoft I.E.), you will need to lower your privacy settings. This can be done by going to “Tools” . Internet Options”, > “Privacy”, then set the slider to “LOW”. Any problems, drop me an e-mail.

The new layout identifies the latest posts and will help in making the Forum even easier to use! We have also increased the News Section, so Keep an eye on it for coming events, and information.


We are currently working on a Health Page for the site. This is currently under construction by our nearest and dearest McEve. If you have any Photographs or injured, or Ill Zebras, (fish kind only please), that you would like to contribute, please drop them to me in an e-mail with a description of what it is.

We would also like to thank you all for the participation in our latest competition.
Congratulations to PlasticMac, and a huge thanks to Lyre-Tail for Donating the Prize.

We have a total of 23 new Members since the last Newsletter, and once again reported spawnings are increasing by the week!

Congratulations also to our very own NEO, who has finally managed to get a clutch of eggs and 3 subsequent Fry!

Well that’s it for another month. The next Newsletter may be issued a little latter, or earlier, dependant on when our “Pending Arrival” decides to grace us with it’s presence.

Thanks again.

The Warm Team
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