How To's and FAQ's

Hi Everyone. If you're new to the forum, please take a minute to pop inhere and check out the House Rules. There are also some handy tips and some useful information. Cheers....Rob
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How To's and FAQ's

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A tag is a word surrounded by brackets. For Example: ['URL'] (without the ' ). A tag always needs to have an end, For Example: ['/URL']. These tags will be inserted when you click on the appropriate button on the toolbar.

1. How do I post a picture?

If you have somewhere to upload them too, upload them and type in the address including the http://. for example "".

then highlight the address, including the http and file extension, and click on the [img] button at the top of the post.

A handy place to set up an account to upload photo's is, it's free and easy to use.

If you want a picture to open in a new window when the link is clicked then type or paste the internetaddress to the picture inside the URL-tag. ('['URL=']') type the text you want to display, and click "URL" again. Result (example):
Useful for very large images!

Alternatively, if you don't have anywhere to upload your pictures you can e-mail me, "" or the lovely lady McEve, and we'll post them for you.

2. Why can't I post a message in the forums?

You may not be logged in. Make sure you have registered, (click the [register] button at the top of the screen. This will give you an option to log you in automatically whnever you visit the site.

3. How do I make something BOLD?
Type the word, highlight it and click B on the toolbar.

4. How do I make something Italic?
Type the word, highlight it and and click I on the toolbar.

5. How do I underline a word?
Type the word, highlight it and and click u on the toolbar.

6. How do I quote from a previous post?
Click "Quote". The tag '['quote']' will appear. To show which user you're quoting place the cursor after the "e" in Quote and type the username in surrounded by hyphens ('[quote="username"]') Paste the text you wish to quote, and click "Quote" again. If you click the button "Quote" in a post when replying, these tags, and the text, will be inserted in your post automatically.

7. How do I insert a link?
Click "URL", then paste the Internet address to the page you want to link to. Click "URL" again. Result (example):

If you want the text to display something different than the address to the page you're linking to:

Click "URL" to display the tag '['URL']. Position the cursor after the "L" in URL then type = ('['URL=']') type the text you want to display, and click "URL" on the toolbar again. Result (example): Zebrapleco forum

Remember: the extra characters ' and parenthesis is only inserted in this post to show the tags, and are not to be included when you compose your message.

8. Rob, can I have all of your Zebras?

No. :lol:

There is a great deal more in of on the [FAQ] button at the top of the screen, but I will continually add to this as we go on. Thanks to McEve for providing much of the above information.

Thanks again.
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