A Few Rules For Everyone

Hi Everyone. If you're new to the forum, please take a minute to pop inhere and check out the House Rules. There are also some handy tips and some useful information. Cheers....Rob
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A Few Rules For Everyone

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Welcome To Zebrapleco.com

We are happy to welcome you to a friendly and knowledgeble forum!

In order for the forum to operate with a pleasant athomsphere and be beneficial to all we have a few rules that we would like you to observe.

Please take a minute to read the following:

1. Put your location in your profile.
2. Only one Username per-person. If you have problems with one username contact Site Admin.
3. Try not to use "slang" terms in forum posts.
4. Please do not use CAPS LOCKS, as this is considered shouting.
5. Do not post if you feel upset. Wait half an hour and give the original poster the benefit of the doubt.
6. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated
7. Personal attacks will not be tolerated, keep the discussion objective, we're here to make friends and learn.
8. Keep your posts in a friendly tone.
9. Spam, advertizing or promotions will not be tolerated, not in the forum, and not in the form of PM's to the members. Violating this rule will result in suspension of your account.
10. [not suitable for children] material, warez, Illegal software or postings of copyrighted material will not be tolerated, nor linking to sites with similar content.
11. Do not PM moderators or members asking questions where the answer might be of interest to other members. This is a forum for all enthusiasts to increase their knowledge.
12. The sales and wants section is for private sales only. If you're a commercial seller, please contact the site admin for further advice.
13. NO Cross Posting. Please only post questions in one Forum, don't duplicate it will just cause the posts to get deleted!!
14. If your Question Is not answered immediately, please do not re-post, we will get to it.
15. Please keep your signatures to a max of 3 lines or 150 characters, images should be no more than 90 pixels high.

If you break these rules, we reserve the right to revoke your posting

Moderators & Admin hold the right of closing or deleting a thread they feel is inappropriate. Once a topic is closed, then all questions or remarks regarding closed or deleted threads should be PM'ed to the moderator who closed the thread, and should not be discussed in the forum.

Thanks for reading the rules, and please respect the site.
The Zebrapleco.com Team have put a great deal of work into making this site possible, lets keep building on it!!!
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