A quick hello from me

The lights are dimmed, the fire is blazing in the big old fireplace, your favourite tunes are on in the background, and I'm just about to pour you a big glass of red!!! Let's settle down on the big old leather sofa and have a chat!!
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A quick hello from me

Post by discusbabe »

Well I've not been around for ages! Things have been changing ever so slightly for me and I'm now down to 2 fish tanks and I'm a single mum of two! :?

Still have my wonderful zebs which are doing fantastically and will be 2 next February, still loving them to bits! Hope to add more to the collection at some point still but never any rush of course! Just enjoying what I have at the moment! :D

No longer a discus owner after the huge accident earlier in the year but now I'm in my own pad I'm dreaming of setting up a huge tank maybe when funds allow. :P

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and say I'm still around, just! :wink:

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Post by John »

Nice to have you around again :)

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Post by Stevie.K »

Welcome back, hope all goes well :wink:

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