She's trapped!

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She's trapped!

Post by ApacheDan »

First time I have adult Zebras and the large dominant male trapped one of the females in a slate cave about 24 hours ago, & he won't let her come out. How is she going to eat? Now what? Everytime I try to shine a light, he just squeezes in there and I can't see much. How long will he have her there? just want to know what to expect. Thanks!

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Post by John »

If you are 100% shure it's a female that is trapped i would let them be.
Just do a every 24 hour check if she is allright and moving in there.
If you are not 100% shure it's a female break open the cave carefully and release the fishes.
Speaking out of experience here, have lost a few along the way due to agressive entrapment when territories still had to be established... :(

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Post by Joby »

Hope it is a female and a good outcome :)

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