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Spawning and Meds

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:49 am
by Blackcat
Hi all,

I've been keeiping Zebras for some time now. And have struggled with various problems, including white spot, broken themostats and fighting.
I have finally had everything sorting out and have a trapping. It's been going for around 3-4 days now.

But the other day I had an issue with one of my other zebras. She was laying on a round cave. Then suddenly just lay upside down, inbetween the round cave and the square cave next to it. Her stomach was slightly bloated. But other than that she seemed ok. Although there was a spawning, my priority was with her. So I removed the around cave she was laying on top, added melafix, Esha exit200 interpet 9 for internal infections. She seems to be behaving normally now.

I decided not to remove her, because I've found the stress of removings a fish can be sufficient to kill the fish.

I'm due to do a water change tonight.

My current set up:
Rena Pan 120.
Around 50% RO and 50% tap conditioned, with black water conditioner.
17 Zebra plecs
Cardinals, Endlers, Assassins

My questions are:
1) Does these medications affect eggs (has anyone had any direct experience with using them while eggs are present)?
2) How long should trappings normally last?
3) What does the diagnosis of the female sound like (I can see no other symptoms, but fact she "turned over" gave me sufficient concern?
4) Any other recommendations?


Re: Spawning and Meds

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:52 pm
by planted90
I am not a pro like some of the people on here but I can give you advice on what worked for me.

I can't help you on the first question as I have never had a sick fish, but it most likely relates to my other points

My trappings lasted from 1 day to 3.

Can't help you with the female fish.

I was told early on by members of this site if I had a choice if I had these rare and expensive zebras would I want to take a chance that the zebras would have to compete for food or space if it was worth it.

I kept my zebras on their own and have had multiple spawns and no injuries of any kind to any of my fish and have never medicated. I keep 12 zebras in a 90 gal tank and have never had any issues.

So for me I think zebras are better on their own then risk putting them together with fish that are more susceptible to diseases. And with the amount of area my zebras have I think that is why I have had very little fighting.

My water is rock hard here in Alberta and I keep my guys at 83 degrees, my ph is pushing 8 so it could be our different water conditions. But I would say maybe isolated your zebras on their own and give them a little more space.

This is just what worked for me hope it helps.

Re: Spawning and Meds

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:57 pm
by Blackcat
Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. Thanks for the information. By the time I got a reply I had resolved the problem myself. A mixture of melafix and interpet internal infection seem to do the trick.

I unfortunately had to distrub them, as I had another issue. After putting assassins snails to deal with my over population of snails. I had an over population of assassins. In the end around about 200 snails. I have had to remove all of them and move to a bare bottomw tank. So they will have to reset everything and fight for areas. But at least I know there are some in there that are willing to breed.

The TDS levels of the water in my area are 360 PPM. My tank is curently around 250PPM, but I'm looking to reduce it gradually to around 150PPM.

Thanks for getting back to me. I thought I would be one of those people on the forum that gets zero replies!

Re: Spawning and Meds

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:01 pm
by planted90
Glad you were able to resolve your problems

Do assassin snails not bother your zebs at all? I have like hundreds and hundreds of trumpet snails in my tank with out issue but are assassin snails not meat eaters?

For me this has been one of the best sites i have ever been on. i have always gotten helpful advice whenever i went on. But maybe because its such an international site it might just be timing and all.

Just a word on the tank for me simpler ended up working the best. I only had my zebras for around a year and i kinda let the tank maintenance go for about 2 months and they just started spawning. Up until that point i was testing the water once a week, doing water changes, doing the cold water thing, and nothing. My zebs breed for 10 months straight and only now are taking a break.

Good Luck getting your zebs breeding.

Re: Spawning and Meds

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:42 pm
by Blackcat
Hi Bob,

Yes, I've heard that assassins (which were put in to kill the other snails) are meat eaters and will eat eggs if given the opportunity. Unfortunately I only did my research after they had been introduced and become very great in numbers.

So I figured I would removed them and the sand. So it was easier to maintain.

Thanks again,