L046 Black vs White

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L046 Black vs White

Post by Balken89 »

Hi i got some L046 2 days ago, and i was checking them out i got one that was alittle unusual to what i am used to :) so i will show one of the ordinary coloring and one of the strange one^^
i know ofc they can diff alot in coloring and so on, but i have never seen one like this Irl. so i was little amazed by him.

I would love to get some feedback.

Best regards Balken

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Re: L046 Black vs White

Post by Blackcat »

Hi There,

I think it is rather interesting to. Most of mine are relatively normal colourations.
Some more white with thinner lines. Have one which is as dark as that. I presume of lot of this is genetic, genotype versus phenotype.
With the black and white colours being the dominant genotype.
But the white predominate and black predominate is a recessive gene.
It could be something like the pigeon blood discus and their "sottiness"


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